Article: Architectural Inspiration: The Modular Pom Collection

Architectural Inspiration: The Modular Pom Collection

Work often takes me to Brazil, home of the late Oscar Niemeyer, a visionary architect whose signature style of Modernism expresses a boundless play of form and imagination.

Niemeyer regarded architecture as a form of invention capable of generating a heightened sense of emotion. 
His sinuous, geometric forms create a “form follows feminine” interpretation of Modernism.

Experiencing Niemeyer’s structures in Brazil is greatly inspiring to me. In creating the Modular Pom collection, the idea was to make something three-dimensional and modular out of something two-dimensional. Leather was carefully rolled in the same way that folkloric rolled paper beads are made by craftspeople.

Pom Crossbody Bag
Centro Niemeyer by Oscar Niemeyer
Centro Niemeyer by Oscar Niemeyer
Oscar Niemeyer
Centro Niemeyer by Oscar Niemeyer

The oversize leather pom earrings and collars feature these distinctive orb shapes. We also adapted them as a playful detail on sandal laces. Then we enlarged them to make the iconic, pod-like crossbody bag.

Like Niemeyer, who drew on traditional artisanal applications to stunning Modernist effect, my Modular Pom collection employs handcraftsmanship in service of a minimalist, modern design. As beautifully crafted as they are, the Pom bag and related accessories are less about celebrating technical virtuosity and more about evoking an emotional response. 

I think people will be surprised when they see my pieces and smile when they wear them.


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